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Chatting with Author Elle Marlow

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This week I’m chatting with good friend and fellow author, Elle Marlow. A debut author, Elle has sold eight romance books in as little as five months! Just think – this little cowgirl is only getting started!

Her style of writing is sassy and honest. Her characters come to life and her stories are ones that you just can’t put down because you love them so much. It’s clear she writes from her heart and gives all of herself in her writing. You’ll see what I mean in her interview.

elle marlow

Where are you from and what is your family like?   

Yuma Arizona. Growing up my family did a lot of hunting/fishing/camping and in the summer horseback riding in the white mountains of Arizona.  I’m the youngest of five girls.  My father used to say he was going to grow broke buying Barbie dolls and feminine hygiene products.  LOL

Tell me about your horses and how they fit into your life. 

We have three. Right now, they are only being used for occasional pleasure rides.  Last two years we were riding in gymkhanas and that has come to a halt in our area so now we are all getting fat and lazy. I’m hoping to start up again very soon. We have Three Can Sam, a Rocket Wrangler bred gelding, Mr. Purple who is the best darn kid rope horse ever, and Poprocks who just carts me around very slowly around a set of cans.

How do horses fit into your writing life and your stories?  

Darn near every book I write features at least one horse some place. I can’t imagine life without them and I seem to find a way to put them in the books.

 How did you get started writing and why?

I grew up reading romances that were left sitting around the house; my mom is a big, big reader.  I thought, “Hey, I can do this!”  So I started writing in my early twenties and haven’t stopped.

What is your method for writing and where do you get your story ideas? 

I am character driven.  I like strong personalities in my characters and I’ll start writing with an idea in mind but I’m telling ya, those strong characters take over immediately.  Sometimes I’m even surprised where a book will take me.  Wait till Unraveling Sky comes out in July with Front Porch Romance.   I didn’t write that, THEY did.  They are wild people in that book.

You’ve sold how many books in as many months? Is it 6? I can’t keep up!

*Cough, cough*  Eight.

Tell me about the books you’ve sold so far.  

As of yesterday, I sold eight.  The Gambler’s Passion, Pour Me, One Hundred Horses, The Dust Garden, Top Brass, The Shaman’s Song, Josey’s Mountain, Unraveling Sky.

The Gambler’s Passion

Pour Me

One Hundred Horses  -Coming out at the end of Feb.  Please look for it on Amazon!

The Dust Garden -Coming out in March

Top Brass -Coming out in April

The Shaman’s Song– Coming out Spring time/summer time

Josey’s Mountain – Coming out in June

Unraveling Sky-Coming out in July

Which one is your favorite and why? 

Tough one.  That’s like picking out your favorite kid.  Hmmm…Pour Me makes me laugh because Carly is so feisty and so is the little girl in it…One Hundred Horses feels like an epic to me like Dances With Wolves. Top Brass, well, I fell in love with the strip club that is spoken of in this and Dalton Stanton…He’s just yummy.   Josey’s Mountain is kind of me and my husband in a book… I can’t… I can’t give you a favorite…And little Avery in The Shaman’s Song is so sweet while her hero is so loyal…. nope, can’t give you a favorite!

What are you plans for your writing and your riding this year?

I am through submitting and now will focus on all these edits for all the releases and concentrate my efforts for So You Think You Can Write for Harlequin in the fall.  I’m addicted to Harlequin contest.  It’s like an awful addiction.

I just want to get me and my horse in shape this year. We need to spend more time together and become gelled as a team.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers? 

I would read your favorite author’s books and pay attention to detail.  Writing classes are great but even more so, becoming involved in online groups help tremendously.   I highly suggest Harlequin’s boards for a wealth of info.

 Last Comments?

Thank you for letting me visit on your blog today.   I appreciate all the support you show to me and other authors.  You are a class act and I hold you in the highest level of respect.

I’d also like to thank my publishers, Front Porch Romance and Solstice Publishing.

Thank you everyone!  ~Elle Marlow


You can keep up with Elle at and on twitter at @ElleMarlowWrite

Let Me Introduce Myself!

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After ten years of working on a book idea, I finally managed to sell to Solstice Publishing in December 2013. My book, Lost Betrayal, will be coming out in March 2014 in ebook version on Amazon, and also on

In lieu of promoting my book, I decided to start a blog – but not just any blog! I wanted something for readers and writers that were also horsemen, or had an avid interest in horses and the horse lifestyle. After all, no matter how hard you try it seems the horse element always shows up somehow.

So here we are. I’ll not only be talking to writers about their books, but also to artists and competitors about what motivates them, speaks to them, and how they got where they are. I want the inside scoop. Besides, I’m always curious about what makes people tick!

By the way, this won’t be a “discipline specific” blog. After all, we’re all horse folks!

Since I’m starting this gig I guess I’d better introduce myself and tell you a little about me and what makes me tick, and what brought me to this point.

I am a Tennessee native that now resides in east Tennessee on my small horse farm aptly named, Fairweather Farm. I’m married and have three step kids who are all enrolled with Uncle Sam for the next few years.

I work full time in the healthcare industry writing contract appeals. I spend the rest of my time judging open horse shows, giving riding lessons and training, and competing in anything from barrel racing and sorting to huntseat and halter. Horses are like air to me – always have been and always will be.

I started writing in high school and never looked back. Over the years, I’ve done some copywriting and have written articles that appeared in America’s Horse, Hoofbeats, Arena Talk, and Horseman’s Yankee Peddlar. It’s rather easy for me to talk about anything horse related. I also write a blog on WordPress, Musings From The Leadrope.

I might as well go ahead and talk about my religious and political views as I’m sure they’ll come up at some point. I have certain convictions based on a lot thought and study, and I know who I am.

I am a Christian and attend a Methodist church and am involved in ministry from time to time. I have Christian values and believe in the Bible. I don’t believe in telling someone what they should believe but I will say what I believe – I hope that my life speaks loud enough that I don’t have to say anything. I also don’t believe in making fun of another person’s faith. I believe regardless of faith, you should treat people with love and respect as none of us are perfect and loving each other is what I’m called to do by faith.

I do love animals and I do eat red meat, wear leather boots and ride in a leather saddle. I believe animals are here to help us and we have a responsibility to manage them well. I believe in being responsible and treating animals well, but I also realize they can be dangerous and there are times for discipline for the sake of our safety. Yes, I love rodeo but I also love English too.

ADDENDUM…  Some of you have been asking about my full length leopard print coat in my profile and avatar pics. This coat was purchased at an antique store in Sweetwater, Tennessee. You can tell that it’s an old coat and the label indicates that it was made in England. The brand is “Shaytoon”. I have no idea whether or not it’s real. I’m sure if it was real, it would have been a lot more expensive than what I paid for it. I don’t condone hunting endangered species at all, and I don’t condone hunting just for sport. By the way, I don’t have a problem with people hunting for meat. The way I look at it, it’s an antique coat and even if it was real I wouldn’t ditch the coat because an animal already gave it’s life for it and nothing can be done about it. It’s better to wear it and honor the animal than throw it away and waste their sacrifice. By wearing it, you open up an opportunity to talk about hunting of endangered species. But again, I don’t think it’s real! 

Now on to that book I was talking about. Lost Betrayal is a romance with a couple of big stories. In short, it’s a story about a girl who’s lost her best horse after a disaster and the journey they both take that eventually lead them back together.

The longer version…

Here’s the book trailer for Lost Betrayal –


Sage is just getting her life back together when a tornado touches down and destroys her family ranch in northern Georgia taking her hopes, her dreams, and the very horse that the ranch’s future hinges on. An ex rodeo cowboy with a past, Garrett has sworn off rodeo and the last thing he needs is entanglement with a woman on a wild horse chase but there’s too many unanswered questions, such as how a horse could stay gone so long.

Refusing to believe her horse was killed in the storm and refusing to give up on the ranch, Sage begins the journey of rebuilding her life once again and searching for the horse that to her, holds the past, and her future. Garrett’s past and a malicious betrayal jeopardize her efforts. Is she strong enough to push past the hurt and the lies in order to get back all she holds dear?

Come visit with me next week as I talk with author Elle Marlow who seems to be taking the publishing world by storm. A debut author, she’s already sold 5 books in as many months! You’ll definitely want to visit for that in depth interview as Elle is a sassy little cowgirl from Arizona whose writing is just a vivacious as her life. Don’t miss it and I’ll see ya at the barn!