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This week I’m chatting with good friend and fellow author, Elle Marlow. A debut author, Elle has sold eight romance books in as little as five months! Just think – this little cowgirl is only getting started!

Her style of writing is sassy and honest. Her characters come to life and her stories are ones that you just can’t put down because you love them so much. It’s clear she writes from her heart and gives all of herself in her writing. You’ll see what I mean in her interview.

elle marlow

Where are you from and what is your family like?   

Yuma Arizona. Growing up my family did a lot of hunting/fishing/camping and in the summer horseback riding in the white mountains of Arizona.  I’m the youngest of five girls.  My father used to say he was going to grow broke buying Barbie dolls and feminine hygiene products.  LOL

Tell me about your horses and how they fit into your life. 

We have three. Right now, they are only being used for occasional pleasure rides.  Last two years we were riding in gymkhanas and that has come to a halt in our area so now we are all getting fat and lazy. I’m hoping to start up again very soon. We have Three Can Sam, a Rocket Wrangler bred gelding, Mr. Purple who is the best darn kid rope horse ever, and Poprocks who just carts me around very slowly around a set of cans.

How do horses fit into your writing life and your stories?  

Darn near every book I write features at least one horse some place. I can’t imagine life without them and I seem to find a way to put them in the books.

 How did you get started writing and why?

I grew up reading romances that were left sitting around the house; my mom is a big, big reader.  I thought, “Hey, I can do this!”  So I started writing in my early twenties and haven’t stopped.

What is your method for writing and where do you get your story ideas? 

I am character driven.  I like strong personalities in my characters and I’ll start writing with an idea in mind but I’m telling ya, those strong characters take over immediately.  Sometimes I’m even surprised where a book will take me.  Wait till Unraveling Sky comes out in July with Front Porch Romance.   I didn’t write that, THEY did.  They are wild people in that book.

You’ve sold how many books in as many months? Is it 6? I can’t keep up!

*Cough, cough*  Eight.

Tell me about the books you’ve sold so far.  

As of yesterday, I sold eight.  The Gambler’s Passion, Pour Me, One Hundred Horses, The Dust Garden, Top Brass, The Shaman’s Song, Josey’s Mountain, Unraveling Sky.

The Gambler’s Passion

Pour Me

One Hundred Horses  -Coming out at the end of Feb.  Please look for it on Amazon!

The Dust Garden -Coming out in March

Top Brass -Coming out in April

The Shaman’s Song– Coming out Spring time/summer time

Josey’s Mountain – Coming out in June

Unraveling Sky-Coming out in July

Which one is your favorite and why? 

Tough one.  That’s like picking out your favorite kid.  Hmmm…Pour Me makes me laugh because Carly is so feisty and so is the little girl in it…One Hundred Horses feels like an epic to me like Dances With Wolves. Top Brass, well, I fell in love with the strip club that is spoken of in this and Dalton Stanton…He’s just yummy.   Josey’s Mountain is kind of me and my husband in a book… I can’t… I can’t give you a favorite…And little Avery in The Shaman’s Song is so sweet while her hero is so loyal…. nope, can’t give you a favorite!

What are you plans for your writing and your riding this year?

I am through submitting and now will focus on all these edits for all the releases and concentrate my efforts for So You Think You Can Write for Harlequin in the fall.  I’m addicted to Harlequin contest.  It’s like an awful addiction.

I just want to get me and my horse in shape this year. We need to spend more time together and become gelled as a team.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers? 

I would read your favorite author’s books and pay attention to detail.  Writing classes are great but even more so, becoming involved in online groups help tremendously.   I highly suggest Harlequin’s boards for a wealth of info.

 Last Comments?

Thank you for letting me visit on your blog today.   I appreciate all the support you show to me and other authors.  You are a class act and I hold you in the highest level of respect.

I’d also like to thank my publishers, Front Porch Romance and Solstice Publishing.

Thank you everyone!  ~Elle Marlow


You can keep up with Elle at and on twitter at @ElleMarlowWrite

2 thoughts on “Chatting with Author Elle Marlow

    Gary Winstead said:
    February 14, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Very nice interview. Great questions and very informative answers. Gave me a chance to know the author more clearly.

      qheventer1 responded:
      February 14, 2014 at 6:24 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it and got to know the author better!

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