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The book that inspired The Grulla screenplay & won the Winnie Award for Best Equine Screenplay at the Equus Film Festival….. 

A determined cowgirl enlists the help of a former full fighter and drug addict in the search for her horse that’s missing after a tornado destroys her ranch. 

THE FUTURE OF THE RANCH HANGS IN THE BALANCE Sage is just getting her life back together when a tornado touches down and destroys her family ranch in northern Georgia taking her hopes, her dreams and the very horse that the ranch’s future hinges on. An ex rodeo cowboy with a past, Garrett has sworn off rodeo and the last thing he needs is entanglement with a woman on a wild horse chase but there’s too many unanswered questions, such as how a horse could stay gone so long. Refusing to believe her horse was killed in the storm and refusing to give up on the ranch, Sage begins the journey of rebuilding her life once again and searching for the horse that to her, holds the past and her future. Sordid secrets and malicious betrayal jeopardize her efforts. Is she strong enough to push past the hurt and the lies in order to get back all she holds dear?


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winds amazon

Inspired by a real life unexplained event in Indian Mound, Tennessee.… A typical broke college student, Lacy can’t pass up the lure of free board for her horse even if it does mean having to deal with an odd land owner. Undeterred by bizarre old Indian tales, she soon finds out that some deals come at a price, especially when old Indian ghosts come back to life.


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francine book

FRANCINE THE WORKIN’ STOCK COWGIRL is a fun and inspiring picture book about a girl and her horse who don’t fit the stereotype for barrel racing. The positive lesson in body confidence is one young girls will remember all their lives… in or out of the arena!


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cover test-11703530789606057000..jpg

(Co-written with my other half T.A. Bouk

Beauford chases the chickens and thinks he’s too good for goats, but he soon learns everybody has to work together when you live on a farm. Beauford The Patriotic Donkey endears itself to the American public by teaching kids the timeless lessons of the farm work ethic, the importance of the flag, and honoring military service.


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pedros problemo

Illustrated by child artist Brady Ballard.

Don Pedro Sanchez Elll Puppy Dog has a beeg problemo! No one believes he’s really royalty from Mexico, because Momma Francy Pants rescued him from the middle of the road. Worse yet, the Itty Bitty Wise Kitty Committee says that if he wants to stay, he has to ride Bubba the horse, the one who’s still in training, and prove he’s royalty. Pedro has never ridden a horse before, but as Bluff the old wise horse points out, Bubba has never carried a Chihuahua, either. Will Pedro survive his wild ride on Bubba and be accepted by Yin The Yang, Lucky To Be Alive, and the Itty Bitty Wise Kitty Committee?

2 thoughts on “Order Books

    W.M. Calloway said:
    November 6, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    Thanks for inviting me here. I like the scenery, takes me away from the city. Your writing is also very abstract with captivates me so much. Thanks again for the invite. Please, come visit the Xenton and claim your free gift when you subscribe to our newsletter. Can’t wait to see you there!

      qheventer1 responded:
      November 10, 2014 at 2:41 am

      W.M. Calloway thanks for visiting the blog and for your kind comments. I hope everyone gets to feel a little bit of the rural life while they’re hear. Will definitely have to visit Xenton!

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