Who is F.J. Thomas?


Who am I? With all the life changes I’ve had this last year, I’m still kind of figuring that out!

One thing for sure though that hasn’t changed, is that I’m a southern gal with a western heart that loves horses and loves to think too much the point that I have to write it all out.

This last year has found me downsizing and completely re-focusing, and figuring out where I fit in this world – not real sure where that is at the moment, but I do know I’m passionate about horses, making a difference in other people’s lives where I can by sharing what I’ve learned, and I’m passionate about writing. We’ll just see where that leads!

As a western romance and paranormal short story writer under the name F.J. Thomas, my books Lost Betrayal and Winds On Indian Mound have been released by Solstice Publishing.

Winds On Indian Mound

As mentioned on the blog, an opportunity has come,up to work on the movie script for Lost Betrayal. I’m also hoping to release the romance novella, The Searching Place, and several short stories in 2018. As usual, there’s always a project in the works! 

My children’s book, Francine The Workin’ Stock Cowgirl, written under the name Jewel Thomas, was released in 2016 with Dingbat Publishing. My second book, Pedro’s Problemo about a Chihuahua who has to ride a horse to prove he’s from Mexico, will be released with them later this fall.

In addition to writing books, I also write the motivational riding blog, Cowgirls With Curves. For many years, I broke and trained horses, gave riding lessons, and judged english, western and gaited disciplines at horse shows as an OHSA carded judge. As a passionate horseman that’s also battled depression and health issues, and lost 50 pounds, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned over the years in the hopes that it encourages someone else.

Currently, I’m in the process of building a tiny home and improving my small farm in east Tennessee. Hopefully when I finally have a house and a barn, I’ll be returning to running barrels and sorting cows – who knows I may drag out my english saddle and breeches again if I’m so inclined, or put a cart behind that crazy donkey of mine, Oscar!

In the real world, I work full time writing healthcare contract appeals and argue with insurance companies. I also share the real world with the love of my life that’s an old cowboy who not only rode bulls on the west coast at a professional level, but also trained race horses and worked for some of the biggest names in the race horse industry.

One of these days I hope to find where I fit, but until then I’ll just keep riding and writing and enjoying the ride where I can! Life is a blessing easily missed if you’re not looking!

Keep your dreams out front, and a leg on each side. ~F.J. Thomas

Copyright F.J. Thomas
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